Need Tefillin? There’s an App for That


You can call a taxi, order a hamburger, rent a film and buy a book with a few clicks of a smartphone. So why shouldn’t it be as easy to score a set of tefillin?

That, at least, reports JTA, was the question that led to the launch last month of Wrapp — an app its creator calls “the Uber of the tefillin world.” It connects those who have tefillin — leather straps attached to a set of two small boxes containing scripture on parchment — with Jews who need them for morning prayers or other rituals. And it’s free.

The brainchild of a 39-year-old Brooklyn businessman, Wrapp hit app stores last month. It already has signed up more than 4,500 providers in the United States, Israel, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Providers offer their tefillin to those making the request within a radius of 20 miles. Read more at JTA.



  1. not to knock this gevaldig display of kvod shomayim, but its a little bit pointless. When will one ever find himself more than 20 miles away from the closest chabad shliach?


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