Nepal Death Toll Passes 7,000



More than a quarter of Nepal’s 28 million people have been affected by last week’s 7.9-magnitude earthquake. The latest death toll released by the government is 7,040 dead.

There have been roughly 70 aftershocks which have kept the country’s population on edge, and the UN is now issuing warnings about the spread of disease. In addition, humanitarian groups are having trouble reaching isolated villages.┬áRead more at Hindustan Times.



  1. what a growing tragedy & mageifa.

    nothing happens by coincidence. now is the time for teshuva. we don’t want it to get worse g-d forbid.

    i.e. don’t wait for a friend or neighbor of yours to get hurt from texting or driving g-d forbid in order for you to learn from it & stop texting while driving. STOP TEXTING now after 1000’s have been hurt from it sadly


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