Netanyahu: I Don’t Intend To Raise Taxes


netanyahu72 hours before the voting booths open, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu responded to the other party leaders on Channel 2’s “Meet the Press” in the last debate before the elections. Netanyahu responded to his critics, some of whom will become his coalition partners if he forms the next government, and tried to explain the drop in support for Likud-Beytenu in the polls ahead of Tuesday’s elections.

Netanyahu kept his big news to the end of his remarks. Despite the budget deficit, which was double theĀ Ministry of Finance’s forecasts, Netanyahu promised not to raise taxes. “I have no intention of raising taxes. I will do everything I can not to raise taxes. This is a very responsible commitment. I don’t know if the world’s markets will crash, which would be a different situation. As I see things today, I don’t intend to raise taxes.”

Earlier, Netanyahu reiterated most of his campaign messages of the past few weeks and months. He called on voters not to vote for small parties and to avoid fragmentation. “There are many parties, each of which is pulling to a different place, and it’s impossible to run the country this way. The challenges are great, and to do things, you need a big ruling party,” he said.

Asked about forming a coalition after the elections, Netanyahu opted to talk about Israel’s foreign enemies. “The first coalition that I am looking at is the coalition of our enemies. Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, and Mashaal are our enemies who want to know whether the ruling party has shrunk or strengthened.”

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