Netanyahu: I Respect Obama


netanyahuPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went to the Kosel this evening for a moment of meditation ahead of his trip to Washington.

“On the eve of my flight to the United States, I wanted to come here, to the Western Wall,” he said to reporters at the Wall. “I want to take this opportunity to say that I respect the President of the United States, Barack Obama. I believe in the power of the relationship between Israel and the US, and their ability to overpower the differences – those that we have had and those that, one imagines, are still to come.”

“As the prime minister of Israel,” he said, “it is my duty to safeguard the security of Israel, and that is why we strenuously oppose the deal that is forming between Iran and the powers, which can endanger our very existence. In the face of an agreement like this, we must unite and explain the dangers that stem from such an agreement, to Israel, to the region, and to the entire world.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. Since he his adressing the Congress of the US it is most important that he warn about the dangers to the US first.After thanking the entire congress Dems and Reps alike he should acknowledge speaking to those who couldnt make it.I am sure that his respect for the president will gush through every word he says ,almost as much as Cong.Boehners’ I really hope he didn’t mean what he said even in front of the Kosel

  2. The American citizens should welcome Mr Netanyahu in Congress – all he is doing is tell the Americans what Iran – the terrorist supporter – wants to do to the entire world – he’s reminding of 1939 – not to be repeated again chas v’Sholom

  3. Further:Since his english is better than Obamas’he must impress the congress that his interest is not just Israels but also the US since Israel is dependent upon the US for its ultimate protection,as Obama is sayingt that he is doing all this for Israel,and Bibi is against Israels best interests just to win the Israeli elecion.Sounds crazy,but that is whats going on.By stressing how Obama is being “misled” he can even get Democrats to applaud.Remember Israel is only the Small Satan theUS is the Big one.

  4. Finally,and this is the Big one.He must say that if the Obama deal goes through he will resign from politics snce he will not be able to handle the mess that will occur.This will win him the Israeli election,for sure.

  5. Noyfb: “He is the only person left on this earth who respects Obama”

    That’s ain’t no. You left out our charliehall.

  6. Why would he respect the man who disgraced the office of president.

    In normal circumstances, one has natural respect for the president.

    Not here. If this guy wouldn’t be president, he’d be in jail.

    Now who would respect him?


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