Netanyahu Introduces New Measures To Combat Palestinian Terrorism And Riots


Nic6340652Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu slammed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for inciting violence against Israelis amid the recent spate of terror attacks in the Jewish state.

“Instead of telling the truth, [Abbas] is spreading lies as if we are attempting to change the status of holy sites. Instead of educating his people on peace, he is teaching them terror,” Netanyahu said after a three-hour security cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The prime minister also announced new sweeping measures set to combat the growing riots and terror attacks, including more security forces on the ground, demolition of terrorists’ homes, and an “iron fist” policy against stone and Molotov cocktail throwers. The prime minister also blasted the international community’s double standard when it comes to Israel.

“The international community, which condemns every balcony we build here, refuses to speak out against Abbas,” he said.


{ Newscenter}


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  2. 1 – We are in a war: No police; use the IDF to win this war.
    2 – Jewish children are suffering great poverty. Stop sending help to Ebola- nations, who brought their problem on themselves. Use our Jewish money to help the Jewish children in Israel


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