Netanyahu Invites Orange CEO To Visit Israel


netanyahu3Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the Orange International CEO Stephane Richard, who asked to meet with the Israeli ambassador to France, by inviting him to come to Israel to give his explanations.

At the same time, Minister of Transport Yisrael Katz took a tough stance against the boycott at a Port 2 Port conference in Tel Aviv, saying, “Today, in an era of boycotts, in which international companies want to renege on the agreements that they have signed, in my opinion, we have to establish a rule that any company coming here to compete should not lend a hand to boycotts against Israel. That should be a clause in the contract with these companies.”

Earlier, Partner Communications Ltd. rejected Richard’s apology, and continues to demand compensation. The company is very angry at Richard for not apologizing to it, finding time only to apologize to government parties.




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