Netanyahu: Israel Has Proof That Hamas Is Behind Kidnapping


netanyahuAs the massive effort to rescue three kidnapped Israeli teens entered its 10th day today, Prime Minister Bib Netanyahu declared that Israel possesses “clear-cut evidence” that Hamas was behind the abduction.

“Soon, this information will be made public and then the world will put the remarks made by [Palestinian Authority President] Mahmoud Abbas in Saudi Arabia to the test in a practical manner,” Netanyahu said, referring to Abbas’ call for the release of the captured boys.

In his remarks last week, Abbas said the three teens are “human beings like us and should be returned.” He also vowed to dissolve the Fatah-Hamas unity government if Hamas is proven to have been behind the kidnapping, adding that those who kidnapped the three teenagers “want to destroy us” and that the Palestinian Authority would “hold them accountable.”


{ Israel}


  1. I don’t understand why Israel has to keep on proving things and no one else has to. Look at the PA they have pictures of dying people, unfortunately the dying people keep on dying in different places wearing the same clothes over and over again, no blood seen, and after that go home and have dinner. The newspapers don’t seem to need proof these people were even shot much less died.

  2. What kind of a rock have you been living under? A country accuses another for a murder and doesnt need proof? What an idiotic statement to make. Same case as the German Nazis invading Poland. What proof did the Germans have that they were getting attacked by Poland? Become a well-rounded being abilenetx instead living under your own “race” or “nationality”. The world is a lot more aware now than 20 years ago.


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