Netanyahu: Jews Face New Blood Libel


netanyahuFollowing today’s terrorist attack by Palestinians at a Jerusalem synagogue that killed four rabbis, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu slammed Hamas and the Palestinian Authority for “disseminating blood libel.” He called on the globe to take a strong stand against the gruesome attack, which used guns, meat cleavers, and axes.

“The world watches this massacre but does not demand that Palestinians stop their incitement against Israel, which is the root of this violence,” he said. “I expect to hear that very same uncompromising condemnation.”

He said the homes of the two morning assailants had been demolished and other punishments would be taken against Palestinian terrorists. However, Netanyahu stressed law and order. “Nobody, nobody must take the law into their own hands,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. It’s the very first makhaloqes in TSBP. Zeh omayr kula shely, zeh omayr khetzo sheli. The zionists forgot the first ta’umah. Both say kula shely. What kid doesn’t know this?


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