Netanyahu Lauds Kerry Nomination For U.S. Secretary Of State Job


netanyahu-kerryIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu today welcomed the appointment of his personal friend John Kerry as U.S. secretary of state and described him as “a known supporter of Israel’s security.”

President Barack Obama nominated Kerry on Friday, calling the veteran U.S. senator the “perfect choice” as America’s top diplomat.

Netanyahu said in a statement: “I congratulate John Kerry on being chosen for the position of U.S. Secretary of State. Kerry is very experienced and is a known supporter of Israel’s security.”

But Netanyahu may find Kerry no less critical than his predecessor of Israel’s policy of settlement building in the occupied West Bank, an area Palestinians want as part of a future state.

“When new settlements go up … it undermines the viability of a two-state solution,” Kerry told a Senate hearing.

Kerry will be the leading Cabinet member charged with tackling pressing global challenges, including trying to restart the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and Iran’s nuclear standoff with the West.

Netanyahu, who has had frosty ties with Obama, also mentioned his good personal relations with Kerry in his statement.

“John Kerry and I are friends for many years and I greatly appreciated the fact that half a year ago, after the death of my father, he came to visit me during my mourning. I look forward to cooperating with him,” he added.

While Obama put one important piece of his revamped cabinet in place, he held off on naming a new defense secretary.

The delay came in the face of a growing backlash from critics of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, who is considered a leading candidate to replace Leon Panetta at the Pentagon.

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  1. Get real. Sen. Keery is going to do what’s good for the United States. Even if he thinks Bibi is a great guy, he’s an American first, last and always. If it’s in the US interest to pressure Israel, he’ll pressure. Note that the US has a special relationship with Israel, not with any particular Israeli government. If they don’t like Likud, they might take a page from Bibi’s own book and try to influence the Israeli elections or the Knesset. There are no sure things in politics, international or otherwiase.

  2. I mean, really! What can he say, that Kerry slandered his fellow US soldiers in Vietnam and has been a pompous fraud ever since? Israel needs Divine protection from Secretaries of State.


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