Netanyahu: Livni and Herzog are Frightened Liars


netanyahu2Joining his fellow Likud MKs in disparaging Tzipi Livni’s announcement that she was giving up her rotation agreement with Zionist Union co-chair Yitzchak Herzog, was Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu himself.

Right-wing politicians, a number of them from the Likud, took no time in expressing their ire at the announcement, particularly the fact it took place the night before elections.

Netanyahu was similarly accusatory, telling Channel Two that Livni and Herzog are in a panic over the narrowing gap (in the polls) between Likud and Labor.

“This just proves how necessary it is to close that gap and win,” the Prime Minister stressed. “Two things are evident: the first is that they are lying – either that they lied before or they’re lying now. The second thing – they are unable to handle the pressure. If they can’t withstand the pressure of the polls, how will they be able to handle international pressure?”  Arutz Sheva

{ Israel}


  1. Call a spade a spade

    Whatever disagreements Netanyahu with his coalition partners, were normal disagreements any coalition has.
    He could padded them over .

    The previous coalition could have continued more or less well for the next couple years.

    He , all the media statements aside,broke up the coalition primarily for one goal only:he preferred having the Chareidim and what they stand for in the coalition

    If the Chareidi parties now (potentially stab him in the back and) court Herzcog is sheer ingratitude


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