Netanyahu: “No Iran Deal Is Better than This Bad Deal”


netanyahuAs reported earlier on Matzav, in an interview with Israel Channel 10 TV this past weekend, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accused critics of the framework nuclear deal with Iran of “hysteria.”

Meanwhile, in a video message marking the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s 30th anniversary on Saturday, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said, “Preventing Iran from being able to build nuclear weapons is the foremost challenge of our generation. Unfortunately, the Lausanne framework fails to meet this challenge and if it will be realized, it will make the world a much more dangerous place.”

“But it’s not too late. Countries around the world must have the courage and the resolve to hold out for a better deal, one that will actually do the job of blocking Iran’s path to the bomb. Now, there are those who say that the Lausanne framework will make Israel safer. As the prime minister of Israel, I can tell you categorically: This deal will endanger Israel, big time.”

“But it’s not just Israel that will be endangered. The Middle East and the entire world will be threatened. A better deal is necessary. A better deal is possible. A better deal must and can be achieved. But if not, no deal is better than this bad deal.”

{ Israel}


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