Netanyahu Offers Help for California’s Drought March 9, 2014  3:10 am

california-governor-jerry-brownIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Wednesday offered to help California weather its drought with water conservation and desalination techniques pioneered by his country’s scientists.

Israel, a country that’s 60% desert, has become a technological leader in countering drought. Desalination of sea water, reuse of treated sewage for agriculture, software creating an early-warning system for leaks, computerized drip irrigation, and careful accounting of every drop have become the norm in Israel.

“We’re in the midst of a mega drought,” California Gov. Jerry Brown said. “Israel has demonstrated how efficient a country can be and this is a great opportunity for collaboration.”

In other news, Netanyahu, who toured Silicon Valley to meet with tech leaders, signed a strategic pro-business partnership with Gov. Brown. The deal will enable Israeli companies to access the California Innovation Network, a system of 16 iHub business incubators that includes clusters of research parks, university and federal labs, economic development groups and venture capital funds.

“Through this agreement, California and Israel will build on their respective strengths in research and technology to confront critical problems we both face, such as water scarcity, cyber security and climate change,” Brown said.

{ Israel News Bureau}

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1 .Comment from The Commish

March 9, 2014 at 2:06 pm
Maybe Israel could find a way to put some saichel into this dimwit Governor's head.


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