Netanyahu: Pass Chareidi Army Law Within Two Weeks


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said yesterday that the proposed bill to formalize limited chareidi enlistment in the IDF must be passed into law by the Knesset within two weeks. “We need to finish this issue as quickly as possible in order to pass it in the current Knesset session,” Netanyahu said at a meeting of coalition leaders, according to a report in Times of Israel. “We must make decisions, reach conclusions and bring the proposed bill for government approval within two weeks.”

Bibi appeared to reject a demand by the chareidi parties for a High Court of Justice extension to the September deadline set by the court for the Knesset to re-legislate a previous law that the court had disqualified.

The possibility remains, as Matzav reported last week, that the Yahadut Hatorah party could bolt from the government coalition if the bill is passed.

{ Israel}


  1. ”limited Chareidi enlistment”
    You call 40 percent of all yeshiva bochurim who will reach the age of 18 next year – limited??
    In 10 years the law requires 70 percent of yeshiva bochurim to enlist to the IDF where their spiritual demise is almost guaranteed.
    This is ‘limited’??
    Matzav, wer’e begging you, the Torah says ‘Lo sa’amod al dam rei’echa’. ‘Gadol hamachti’o yoser min hahorgo’.
    Stop trying to hide this crucial information from the tzibur.


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