Netanyahu Pens Letter in ‘Soldiers’ Sefer Torah


netanyahu-sefer-torahJust before attending a news conference with the international press on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu first had some important to business to take care of: writing a letter in a new Sefer Torah started by Agudat Chasidei Chabad of Israel in the merit of soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.

As he prepared to make his first public appearance since the beginning of the 72-hour cease-fire that ended Friday morning, the prime minister took part in what he called an especially moving ceremony.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Aharonov, director of the Chabad Youth Organization in Israel, invited the prime minister to hold the feather and write a letter in the first verse of the Torah.

Using a quill pen, he inscribed a letter on the parchment scroll. Letters in the Torah will be dedicated to each and every soldier in the IDF – those currently in service and reservists.

“We all value our soldiers, our heroes who are fighting in this just fight to protect our citizens,” said Netanyahu.

Aharonov said “we are assured that every soldier for whom a letter has been written in this special Torah will feel a measure of security. In our tradition, the letters of the Torah are especially potent with regards to safety and security, and we felt it incumbent upon us to deploy this spiritual means of security for our troops.”

Netanyahu also revealed that on Shabbos, during the ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza, “the only time that I have a few minutes with my family, we read the weekly Torah portion at the end of our Shabbat meal together, and this gives us a lot of strength.”

Also accompanying the prime minister were Rabbi Yitzchok Yehuda Yaroslavsky, secretary of the Association of Chabad Rabbis in Israel; Rabbi Yisrael Halperin, shaliach to Herzliya; mayor of Kfar Chabad Rabbi Benyamin Lifshitz; and Rabbi Uriel Lemberg, general-secretary of Agudat Chasidei Chabad.

Halperin told how he served under the prime minister’s older brother, Yonatan Netanyahu, who died leading the Operation Entebbe hostage-rescue mission in 1976. Halperin said how when he served, he had prepared to give Yoni tefillin, but he did not get the chance. “Now, I want to finally close the circle and give [you] the tefillin that I wanted to give Yoni.”

The premier received the tefillin with tears in his eyes.

Aharonov emphasized the importance of encouraging Jewish men everywhere to don tefillin.

Aharonov, second from left, invites the prime minister to hold the feather and write a letter in the first verse of the Torah. Aharonov, second from left, invites the prime minister to hold the feather and write a  Netanyahu writes a letter in the first verse of the Torah using a special quill pen. Aharonov points to a specific part of the text as the prime minister finishes the inscribing.


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  1. And the first 3 commentators are so holy that all of Judaism is running to have them add letters to the torahs that are written.

  2. Here it goes again can’t you guys hold yourselves in and control your reflexes I’ve already posted and advised you please read and learn a response from the great litvishe gaon and gadol the rov of shavil chelek 1 simen 21 of orech chaim and it will have you all think right and straight and this will hopefully help you think before you pen foolish remarks. how about using your mind before your stomach for a change.

  3. 2. Why? Please cite specific references, and let me know how you know exactly how Bibi “wrote” the letters. ALso, see below. Now go do teshuvah for lashon harah.

    3a. Yes.

    3b. Probably.


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