Netanyahu Rebuffed Kerry Request To Visit In Recent Days


kerry-netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told US Secretary of State John Kerry to hold off from visiting Israel earlier this year because the Israeli leader was busy trying to form a coalition, Channel 2 reported on Sunday.

Shortly after the March 17 elections, Kerry requested to convene with Netanyahu on regional affairs, including peace negotiations with the Palestinians that have been stalled since 2014.

But Netanyahu indicated to Kerry that the timing was not right and he preferred to delay the meeting until after he had hammered out a new coalition, a task he has yet to complete.

There was no immediate confirmation from American officials.

But speaking to Channel 10 in an interview aired Sunday night, Kerry said he hoped to visit Israel in the coming weeks, and indicated that he had planned to come earlier. “I look forward to traveling there and visiting,” he said. “It was going to happen sooner; it may happen now in the next weeks when they get a government.”

Read more at Times of Israel.

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  2. Kerry is a nuisence like old geezer “peanut” liberal Carter. Kerry should be ignored just like “peanut” Carter.


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