Netanyahu Rebukes Deputy Hotovely


Israel’s prime minister has condemned a deputy for what he deemed to be “offensive remarks” about American Jews.

Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that Diaspora Jews are “an inseparable part of our people” and that there was no place for Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely’s attacks on them. He says her remarks don’t reflect Israeli positions.

Hatovely had gone on the record saying that American Jews “have it easy.” Read more here.



  1. She is especially correct when it comes to the Reform “Jewry” that is only looking to make trouble and force opinion into thinking that they are part of Jewry. But when the situation becomes c”v heated from terrorism etc – they are nowhere to be found. Then it’s only the Orthodox that keep coming and supporting E”Y
    She said it the way it is. Kudos

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