Netanyahu Says Not Too Late To Stop Iran Nuclear Deal


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said today that there was still time to stop an Iranian agreement with world powers that he said would give Tehran nuclear arms. 

“It is still not too late to retract the plan” being negotiated between Iran and world powers over Tehran’s nuclear program, he said at a ceremony marking Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War.

The United States as well as Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany are in the midst of negotiations with Tehran to finalize a deal by June 30 that they say would prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, in exchange for an easing of crippling economic sanctions.

Iran cannot be trusted to honor the nascent deal, Netanyahu has argued.

“Only last night, after vigorous action by the US against the terrorism of Islamic State, the leader of Iran, [Ali] Khamenei, attacked the US and said: ‘It is the United States,’ so said the man who is heading the negotiations between Iran and the major powers, ‘that is causing and supports terrorism.’ These words were said when Iran still does not have nuclear weapons and it is still not too late to retract the plan to give Iran a deal that would pave for it a certain path to nuclear weapons,” he said.

“We oppose this deal and we are not the only ones,” Netanyahu said. “It is both necessary and possible to achieve a better deal because extremists cannot be allowed to achieve their aims, not in Iran, not in Yemen and not in Jerusalem.”

Read more at Times of Israel.

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