Netanyahu Says Sees ‘Real Danger’ Of Losing Re-Election Bid


ISRAEL-ELECTIONIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said on Tuesday he saw “a real danger” he might lose next week’s closely contested election and asserted that there was a worldwide effort to ensure such an outcome.

In what Israeli media called an unannounced visit to a rally north of Tel Aviv, Netanyahu entreated supporters to make sure he defeats rival Isaac Herzog of the left-of-center Zionist Union party by casting ballots in the March 17 vote.

“It’s far from being certain, there’s a real danger,” the said the right-wing premier, who has been in office since 2009. Read more here.



  1. All those still straddling or debating staying home:Are you supporting ,joining together, or passively maligning those who are pushing to stop the worst case scenario from rapidly developing ?

    All those still straddling give new meaning to “Resho’im even on Pischei shel Gehenom refuse to do teshuva”


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