Netanyahu Sells Israel’s Chometz to Abu Ghosh Resident


netanyahu1Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, yesterday afternoon, April 2, participated in a ceremony to sell the State of Israel’s chometz to Abu Ghosh resident Hussein Jabar. Jabar, an Arab Muslim, has been purchasing the chometz of the Jewish state for the past 15 years. Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Rav Dovid Lau and Sefardi Chief Rabbi Rav Yitzchok Yosef were present to oversee the ceremony.
“I am always moved by this ceremony that symbolizes the continuity of our people and the revival of our state, and our aspiration for peace, security and prosperity for all Israelis and the Jewish People,” commented Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“Tomorrow in every Jewish home we will sit down for the Seder and we will tell our sons and daughters as we have been commanded to do for thousands of years and we will remember that in every generation there arise those who would destroy us,” said Netanyahu.

Responding to the prime minister, Rav Lau reminded him to remember the continuation of that passage: “But we also certainly remember the second half of that line – ‘And the Holy One, Blessed be He, saves us from their hand.”

“I am certain that you will succeed in steering the ship of state in the right and proper direction and will bring us all together as one people in continuity of our tradition. We all pray that G-d assists you, that he assists our efforts, that we all enjoy health and joy, amen,” added the chief rabbi.

The mayor of Abu Ghosh, an Arab town in Israel near Yerushalayim, Jabr Issa, also said at the ceremony that he would like to extend good wishes to the Jewish people.

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish our cousins, the Jewish residents and citizens of the State of Israel, and Jews all over the world, a happy Passover. We rely on the Prime Minister and wish him success both in forming the next government and in leading the State of Israel and the people of Israel toward prosperity and success in all fields,” said Issa.

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