Netanyahu: Settlement Freeze is ‘One-Time, Temporary’ Move


netanyahu-2Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said today that a ten-month freeze of new construction in West Bank settlements is only a “one-time, temporary” move, in an apparent bid to ease settlers’ fears. “We will resume building once the moratorium is over,” Netanyahu told a conference organized by the financial newspaper Calcalist.

“The future final-status accord in Judea and Samaria will be determined at the end of negotiations – and not a day earlier,” he said. 

Netanyahu also urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yet again to resume negotiations suspended since last December, saying the Palestinians “need this peace no less than we do.”

Abbas, Haaretz reports, has demanded a complete settlement freeze before talks may resume and has rejected Israel’s current move as insufficient.

Earlier today, Haaretz reports, settlers pledged to stage protests in front of the home of a senior Shin Bet official if the security agency takes part in the government’s efforts to freeze construction in the disputed territory.

{Yair Israel}


  1. If they’ll resume building after 10 months, why are they sending out these inspectors with such a ferocity, as if they were dealing with the worst enemy?


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