Netanyahu Urging Americans Not To Cut Funding For UNRWA


Concerned that a threatened cut in US funding for the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA could lead to a humanitarian disaster in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is privately urging the Trump Administration not to implement the threat, a TV report claimed Thursday.

“Behind the scenes, the prime minister is now in contact with the Americans in order to prevent the massive cut [in US funding for UNRWA] — to prevent it, you heard right,” the Hadashot news report claimed.

There was no comment from Foreign Ministry on the report. Netanyahu serves as his own foreign minister.

Read more at the Times of Israel.



  1. why would netanyahu want to help these gaza hamas terrorists? to save israel from having to pay for food for these terrorists? thats insane

    • Of course Netanyahu doesn’t want Gaza leaders to get more money for terrorist activities. Trump wants the Gazan leadership to use the money to help the citizens but knows that they are using it for their personal gains and terror. However, s o m e of the money is going to the citizens, and if that is cut off, they will be more restive, and take it out on the Jews.


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