Netanyahu Warns Hamas: ‘Unbearable Price’ If It Escalates Gaza Situation


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas that if it chooses escalation over calm, it will pay an “unbearable price” after months of sky-high tensions on the Israel-Gaza border.

“I recommend that the leaders of Gaza choose calm. If they choose escalation, the price they pay will be unbearable to them,” Netanyahu warned in his speech.

Weekly protests and clashes in Gaza — in which at least 138 Palestinians were killed — have been punctured also by rocket salvos fired from within the Strip toward Israel.

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  1. Big talker . Hamas knows it has nothing to fear. How many fires did the barbarians cause last week? What did Israel do?

  2. Hamas knows that Israel is run by some self-appointed-for-life-radical-leftist-pro-Arab-judges and Bibi is nothing but their puppet. Hence, Bibi’s “threats” are balonies and nothing to fear like his past empty “threat”.


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