Netanyahu: We Won’t Put Our Fate in the Hands of Others


netanyahuDuring the state ceremony marking Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said, “The murderous hatred against the Jews that has accompanied the history of our people has not gone away, it has simply been replaced by murderous hatred against the Jewish state. What has changed since the Holocaust is our determination and our ability to defend ourselves, by ourselves.

“At no stage will we surrender our fate in the hands of others, even the best of our friends. The deepest meaning of the State of Israel” is that Israel prevents the Jewish people from returning to a situation where it is too late. We will not stand helpless against our enemies again.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Wake up already!! You can’t defend yourselves from a flea with all the weapons in the world unless G-d is on your side!!

  2. The Government of Israel should formally acknowledge that our fate is in the hands of HaShem. Boastful statements that we are or will be completely self-sufficient are an insult to Yiddishkeit.

  3. To numbers 1 and 2 – one needs BOTH bitachon and emunah in Hashem AND hishtadlus by having strong military forces. What don’t you understand?

  4. #3, is that statements like that totally wiping G-d out of the picture c’v and instead arrogantly taking credit for the ability ‘to defend themselves by themselves’ – in the Torah’s wording ‘kochi veotsem yadi’ – not only fail to protect our security but actively endanger it! We are responsible for our spiritual security, our physical security is nothing but a reflection of that. Bombastic statements boasting physical strength do nothing but demonstrate ignorance and invite trouble…


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