Netanyahu Weighs Bill To Delay Israeli Presidential Election


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is considering initiating a bill this week, after he returns from a trip to Japan, to delay June’s Israeli presidential election by half a year. This would allow time for a comprehensive re-examination of the institution of the presidency.

During the six-month delay, Netanyahu would move to nix the power of the president to choose who gets to form the Israeli government after Knesset elections.

Netanyahu has begun consultations on the matter with the heads of the parties in his governing coalition, and several options are being considered. One is that the head of the party that receives the most Knesset seats in elections would automatically get to form the government. Another is a return to direct elections for prime minister.


[ Newscenter]


  1. I see Israel has a king like the United States has a king. It is interesting just before the elections he decides that maybe the rules should be changed, but he could have suggested this months before the actual time. Just like the United States now our king decided he does not like the congress so he declares the rules to be changed.


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