Netanyahu: You Are Slaves to Your Gadgets


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  1. The man is %100 right. It is totally out of control. Matzav & the charedie media are guilty of the same garbage. You always have to show pictures of every little thing or the empty heads wouldn’t believe it happened.

  2. that’s right, our lives are fake & dead…..

    totally involved in this false world of physicality, the tumah…. where are YOU gonna be in 30 years? what are you gonna say then? what have I accomplished in my life? where am I holding in TRUE life? my life is dead C”V because its filled 24-7 with physical pleasures & corrupts your life until the last day your alive….

    What are we gonna tell Hashem, when we find out that we have almost nothing to take with us in spirituality? (that lives forever & you take it with you to the olam Haemes)

    How much of 24 hours do YOU use for ruchnius (spirituality)? what percentage of your life will you get to take with you to the TRUE world?

    OUT of 120 years IY”H how much of it will be the total hours/years used for ruchnius?

    Start preparing & saving now for the true future world


  3. It is what it is!
    If we had two days of Shabbos Kodesh each week we’d go nuts without our phones!!
    Sadly though, this Bibi fellow has no days of Shabbos so he could call all his M’chalilay Shabbos cronies as he does “SLAVES” we, on the other hand, while we may be slaves to our phones as he conjectures, are still free on Shabbos Kodesh!


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