New 25 MPH NYC Speed Limit Takes Effect Today


nyc-new-speed-limit-25The New York City Department of Transportation has unveiled its new 25 mph speed limit signs, and the new speed limit is law effective today.

Mayor Bill de Blasio last month signed a measure reducing the city’s speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph. The City Council passed the measure as part of the mayor’s “Vision Zero” plan to reduce traffic deaths.

“I think there’s a real consensus in this town that we need to have people drive more carefully, more safely, and slower for the protection of our kids, our seniors,” the mayor said. Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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  1. This is total lunacy. This is clearly a money making scheme on the backs of the taxpayers. People are killed by cars because the drivers drive like maniacs or because you have women talking on their stupid cell phones. You also have “distracted” pedestrians. Dropping the speed limit to 25 will not save a single life. How can you possibly go 25 on Ocean Parkway? Shame on all the Council members who signed this crooked law.

  2. Did you ever drive on Mott Ave in Far Rockaway? Pedestrians walk all over the road in total disregard of traffic. All the traffic regulations in the world will make no difference because in the overwhelming majority of cases, fault lies with the pedestrian. Of course saying so would be politically incorrect as many of the “vision zero” enforcement zones are in lower income – inner city areas. Implying that the locals need to be more careful is downright racist.

  3. Driving at 25 mph is more of a reason to phase out and become distracted than driving at a normal speed. Slowing down means easier to tune out.

  4. “Where exactly are these speed limit to take effect?”

    Everywhere in the city except where otherwise posted.

    ‘Dropping the speed limit to 25 will not save a single life.’

    It will probably save a lot of lives. We will know next year.


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