New Book, ‘Clinton Cash,’ Questions Foreign Donations to Foundation



The book does not hit shelves until May 5, but already the Republican Rand Paul has called its findings “big news” that will “shock people” and make voters “question” the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” by Peter Schweizer – a 186-page investigation of donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities – is proving the most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle still in its infancy.

The book, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, asserts that foreign entities who made payments to the Clinton Foundation and to Mr. Clinton through high speaking fees received favors from Mrs. Clinton’s State Department in return.

“We will see a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds,” Mr. Schweizer writes. Read more at the New York Times.

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  1. Folks!! Just Headlines!!! Means nothing. As I predicated Obama winning his 2nd Term, Hillary Rodman Clinton will be the next US President. All part of the Master Plan, or maybe You people think, it is You who runs the World, with you choices!!! President Hillary will continue following HaKodesh Boruch Who’s path in dealing with America. It doesn’t mean HaKodesh Boruch Who’s plan is destructive in any way, it is more like neutralizing America. It’s time to come home!!!!

  2. Hillary Clinton is clearly a lying, crooked, corrupt, money-hungry, and narcissistic person.

    Hillary Clinton could care less about you. She just wants to be your “champion” — not because she cares about you: It’s because she wants to act as queen while her subjects kiss her feet.

    Hillary will be the biggest spoiled brat to run for President in 2016.

  3. #1 is sure right.

    time for everyone to return to eretz yisroel & to Hashem. Don’t wait until you have no choice but to flee the USA like they did in france & yemen RECENTLY.

  4. One is not allowed to criticize Hillary. That is considered to be a “War on Women”. The only reason they didn’t accuse Obama of that hate crime when he apposed her in 08, is because he is black.


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