New Bus Line to Har Hazeisim Introduced


har-hazeisimThis week, a new bus line, #43, providing service to Har Hazeisim, was established and began taking Yidden to daven on Har Hazeisim at kevorim there, opposite the Makom Hamikdosh in Yerushalayim. Numerous gedolei Torah are buried on Har Hazeisim, which is considered by many to be a dangerous area. Some visitors arrive accompanied by security officers.

The new route, Line 43 from Abu Tor to Maaleh Hazeisim, leaves from Rechov Hamefaked in the Abu Tor neighborhood, turns right on Rechov Derech Chevron, continues to Rechov Chativat Yerushalayim, turns right to Gei Ben Hinom, travels straight to the City of David intersection, turns left via Ha’ofel, enters the Kosel Square bus stop, turns back onto Derech Ha’ofel, turns right on Derech Yericho and ends its route in the Maaleh Hazeisim neighborhood.

 {Yair Israel}



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