New Charlie Hebdo Issue Sells Out


charlie-hebdo5The new issue of Charlie Hebdo, defiantly portraying the Muslim Prophet on its cover, sold out before dawn across Paris on Wednesday.

French supporters scrambled to find copies of the “Je suis Charlie” issue throughout the city, just one week after the harrowing attacks on Paris that left 17 dead, including 12 at the satirical magazine’s offices.

The magazine’s surviving staff worked out of borrowed offices to put out the issue with a print run of 3 million, or more than 50 times the usual circulation.

Véronique Faujour, head of printers for Messageries Lyonnaises de Presse, told The Telegraph the print run will be raised to five million, while up to one million copies are expected to be sold today. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Yup, this will really pacify the extremists. Not!

    They’ll now think that the average French citizen is fair game for supporting those that insult their beliefs.

    Well, sadly, more attacks on the French will be the result.


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