New Eruv in Woodridge


woodridgeA fantastic development recently has taken place in Sullivan County’s Catskills Village of Woodridge, NY. Congregation Ohave Sholem is a 106 year old Shul that is world renowned. The Shul maintains year round Minyanim and provides a beautiful Mikvah as well. The Village has a vibrant community bustling with people who spend their summers here and enjoy the beautiful air the Catskills has to offer. After much difficulty and years of labor, Congregation Ohave Sholem and the Village of Woodridge have a fully kosher Rabinically approved Eruv in place.

The project was initiated and managed by the esteemed Rov, Harav Hillel Grossman. He has asked Rav Yechiel Steinmetz, a world renowned expert in eiruvin, to oversee its construction and give the hashgacha making sure every detail will be covered.   

Special thanks go to Harvey Cornblau and Isaak Silber who invested much time and effort towards establishing the Eruv. The costs of keeping the Eruv properly maintained are estimated at close to $ 25,000, a year and the kehillah is are asking any and all Yidden who enter Woodridge in the summer or the winter to contribute to this most important cause.

The Eruv encompasses many summer home developments already such as Regency Estates, Woodlake Village, Menorah Bungalow Colony, Camp Silver Lake and local Woodridge roads as well with more expansion planned. A toll free phone number 1-877-420-ERUV has also been set up for easy communication for all to check the status of the Eruv on a weekly basis.

Mail contributions to: Congregation Ohave Sholem – Woodridge Eruv Project POB 746 Woodridge, NY 12789.

{Noam Newscenter} 



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