New Hacked Email Shows CNBC’s John Harwood Asking Podesta ‘What Should I Ask Jeb?’


CNBC’s John Harwood has appeared once again in the WikiLeaks dump of John Podesta‘s emails. Harwood, who moderated one of the GOP primary debates, sent emails to Podesta that ranged from FYIs to compliments.

Mediaite reports that now there’s an email out from WikiLeaks from Harwood to Podesta which has the subject line “what should I ask Jeb…”, referring to his upcoming interview with Jeb Bush back in September 2015:


The email does not indicate whether Podesta responded before Harwood interviewed Bush days later.

Perhaps as a result, someone messed with Harwood’s Wikipedia page:

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  1. As much as people claim the system is not rigged we clearly see what people do in private.

    The donald has said it and everytime he’s been right.

    Is it right for him to use it to his advantage? Definitely.


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