New, More Lenient Regulations Regarding Deferment Of Yeshiva Students From IDF Draft


IDF army representatives, religious politicians, and members of the Va’ad Hayeshivos, which interacts between yeshivos and the army, formulated new, more lenient regulations in regard to deferment of yeshiva students from the draft.

Many of the new decisions reversed regulations imposed by the previous government which was dominated by the anti-religious Yesh Atid party.

Religious representatives fended off a Defense Ministry demand that yeshivos must submit documentation not only vouching for their students, but also verifying that buildings conform to zoning and health regulations.

According to the new regulations, during its first two years, a yeshiva only needs to have twenty students instead of thirty-five. For kollelim, fifteen students, including non-married members, will suffice. The army will now recognize yeshivos that receive no government funding for purposes of deferment and allow yeshivos to specify individual bein hazmanim vacation periods.

Contrary to a rule formulated at the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, special arrangements were made to defer students who learned in religious Zionist high schools until they were sixteen before moving on to fulltime yeshivos.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. ????? this is an improvement on the previous position? Why don’t you write what the situation was before, so that your readers can see that things are actually getting WORSE


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