NEW: Oorah Releases Official Music Video for Eighth Day’s Gam Zu


8th-day-oorahEighth Day + Oorah = Awesomeness. Oorah just released, online for the first time ever, the full official music video of Eighth Day’s Gam Zu, written and produced exclusively for Oorah. What happens when all of your dreams crumble? Watch a fast-paced drama unfold with the full official Gam Zu music video, now watchable with a click!

Gam Zu features on this year’s Shmorg sampler, Taste of the Shmorg, giving you a hint of the fun the Shmorg brings each year. Get over four hours of kosher entertainment with this year’s Shmorg7, free with your $40 donation to the Oorah Auction. Like what you see with Gam Zu? Donate now for more quality entertainment from Oorah.

Early bird deadline is  1/5/15 – Donate now to be entered into a $5000 raffle!

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