New Sefer Torah to Nevatim Base For Chareidi Soldiers


idf-sefer-torahIn light of the increase of chareidi soldiers at the Nevatim air force base, a Sefer Torah was brought in to the base last weekend for the benefit of the religious soldiers on Mondays, Thursdays and Shabbosos.

Today, 60 Chareidi soldiers serve at Nevatim as part of the Nachal Chareidi battalion aimed at protecting strategically valuable assets of the State of Israel located at the base.

The Sefer Torah was donated by Jewish businessman Victor Abayev, one of the senior leaders of the Caucasian Jewish community in the United States. The Sefer Torah was dedicated l’illui nishmas IDF¬†soldier Almog Shiloni z”l, who served in Nachal Chareidi. Almog was stabbed to death in a terror attack at the train station of Tel Aviv in November last year.

Almog’s parents participated in the event, as did the base commander, Brigadier Lihu Ha-Cohen, who spoke at the hachnosas Sefer Torah.

The Nevatim base is one of the largest air force bases in Israel and has the greatest number of squadrons in the force. Besides activating combat squadrons, transport vehicles maintaining and intelligence gathering, the base also operates advanced radars that are highly strategic for the State of Israel.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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