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rambam-manuscriptRav Yochanan Meir Bechhofer, Mechaber of “Sefer Even Shesiya al Yud Gimel Ikrim Shel HaRambam,” and “Even Shesiya al Sefer Hamitzvos,” Talmid Muvhak of HaRav Yaakov Weinberg Zt”l, and Talmid of yblch”t HaRav Moshe Shapiro Shlit”a, will be delivering an unprecedented live Shiur series on “Teshuvos HaRambam”.

A new dawn for the Bais Medrash of the Rambam.

Since his day, the Rambam has been a pillar of the entirety of the Mesorah in Halacha and Hashkofa.

Aside from the Rambam’s Piskei Halacha and Yud Gimel Ikarim, his Psakim and Hashkofos that may not have been universally accepted, are certainly a critical foundation guiding the discussion of Lomdei Torah of every generation.

To be Meyashev a Shverer Rambam is the mainstay of yeshiva learning. For those engaged in the study of Hashkofa and even Kabbalah, the Deiah of the Rambam is to be reckoned with. Simply out, to properly learn a Sugya in any Miktzoah in Torah the Shitah of the Rambam must be studied.

There are a plenty of Shverer Rambams, providing a never ending fertile field for Shiurim of Roshei Yeshiva and Chiddushei Torah.

What has been overlooked over the ages is that the Rambam often explained himself in depth regarding some of the most Sheverer Rambams in Halacha and in Hashkofa, in the treasure house of his Teshuvos.

The Teshuvos of the Rambam contain a wealth of Yedios regarding his Shitos and his Hechrechim to Pasken as he did.

This material was neglected over the centuries because it was not always fully available, and the portions that were available were at times very poorly translated from the Arabic in which they were written.

For example, one of the most famous difficult Rambams known to anyone studying Gemara Kiddushin is the Rambam in Hilchos Ishus 1:2 where he writes that Kiddushei Shtar and Biah are D’oraysah and Kiddushei Kesef are “Divrei Sofrim.”

There are two major difficulties here: Why is Kesef “Divrei sofrim” not Deoraysah as well? If something derived from a Drasha is Divrei Sofrim, then why isn’t Shtar Divrei Sofrim also, as it was derived from a Hekesh?

The Rambam explained this Halacha in its entirety with all his Rayos in his Teshuvos!

As is well known, the Rambam frequently explains about certain Psukim and Divrei Chazal, that they are not to be taken literally but rather allegorically.

The obvious question is: What are the guidelines to decide when something is to be taken literally or not?

Indeed, the Rambam clearly articulated such guidelines in his Igeres Techiyas Hameisim.

We are proud to announce that Rav Bechhofer Shlit”a will be delivering begin delivering the live Shiur series on Teshuvos HaRambam next week, Tuesday night at 9 PM ohr l’ches shevat (1/27/2015) at:

Rav Bechhofer Shlit”a will learn through every Teshuva written by the Rambam in its entirety, verifying the correct translation by contrasting with all other versions, and explaining the full depth of what the Rambam is stating with cross referencing to all of the Rambam’s other Kesavim, while also explaining how the Tshuvah can answer relevant questions asked by the Gedolei Hameforshim.

This is a rare opportunity for anyone to acquire a whole new wealth of yedios in countless sugyas according to the Rambam.

All are urged to register for free access to the live Shiurim, and to receive the archived recordings once they are completed.

Any questions and/or feedback regarding the shiur are welcomed, and may be sent to the Rav  via email:

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