New Yeshiva Offers Free Sukkah Building in Flatbush and Boro Park


sukkah-buildingAs part of a community service and chesed program, Yeshiva Simchas Chaim in conjunction with Bikur Cholim of Boro Park, is offering to build sukkahs free of charge for those who are unable to build one on their own.

Yeshiva Simchas Chaim opened this September in Brooklyn, NY. Under the guidance of rabbonim and experienced professionals, the yeshiva seeks to fill a tremendous need in the Brooklyn community. The yeshiva is geared toward boys in eleventh and twelfth grade who have struggled in other yeshivos, both hashkafically and in learning. Yeshiva Simchas Chaim seeks to reach today’s generation of struggling teens in a manner that is effective and innovative. The yeshiva brings the teens to the table as equal partners in their development and growth, allowing them to begin to take an interest and some element of control over their own lives and set out on the path of becoming respectable and productive members of their community and bnei Torah. The yeshiva offers an individualized learning program with classes and discussions that are designed to emphasize the beauty of Yiddishkeit and its relevance to daily living, in addition to a therapy program featuring both individual and group therapy, and a vocational training and GED program. These three programs are supervised by Rabbi Elchonon Schwarz, Yoni Hikind LMSW, and Yisroel Tabi respectively.

A particularly timely community project is being held during bein hazemanim period, with the students, under the supervision of the yeshiva’srabbeim and teachers, volunteering to build sukkahs in the Boro Park and Flatbush communities.Bikur Cholim of Boro Park, the renowned chesed organization, will help pair up families in need of this service, be it due to illness, age or other personal reasons.

Those seeking further information may call Yeshiva Simchas Chaim at 646.671.3587.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. If I was a student of this yeshiva, I wouldn’t be too pleased to read:

    “Yeshiva Simchas Chaim seeks to reach today’s generation of struggling teens in a manner that is effective and innovative.”

    But that is just me.

  2. 1: could be. Also could be that they have no issues with this in which case kol hakavod for their open attitude. (Not that I don’t appreciate similar yeshivos with a more subtle approach, each are appropriate depending on a variety of factors.)

  3. we are not struggling we are doing awesome… im in yeshivas simchas chaim and we live up to our name we are happy with our service to hashem and He loves everything we do for him


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