New York Councilman Visiting Ramallah Refuses to Remove Yarmulka When Asked by US Consulate Security


david-greenfieldBy David Daoud

New York City Councilman David Greenfield accused the US Consulate in Yerushalayim of asking him to remove his yarmulka during a visit last week to Ramallah.

Greenfield, who represents the district of Borough Park tweeted his impressions of his visit to Ramallah, and his consternation at the conduct of consulate employees, saying, “Great chat w. US Consul General of Jerusalem in America’s Ramallah office. Sadly, not highlight of visit there.” He accompanied his comments with a picture of himself with Consul Michael Ratney.

Soon after, he posted further tweets. “After chatting w. Consul General, his security detail pulled me aside and insisted that I not wear yarmulke when leaving US Ramallah office. I asked US Consul security if I was endangering group. They said I wasnt.”

“So I refused to remove yarmulke in Ramallah,” Greenfield said, and posted another picture of himself, wearing his kippah, and entering a bus with fellow members of his delegation. His remarks elicited dozens of comments and retweets.

He then expressed his shock that a Jew could not wear a yarmulka right outside of the offices of the American consulate in Ramallah.

Security officials noted that they received complaints from local Palestinians about the Jewish American delegate who was seen walking into the building, and around Ramallah while wearing his yarmulka.

The American delegation was slated to meet with the Mayor of Sderot and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, before the trip to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Council Members.

The Algemeiner Journal



  1. Diets of hate are everywhere.

    The plan is always to moan when a jew has any dignity.

    This is the arrogant hate of the yesteryear trying to fix the flag and social agenda of tomorrow.

    Needs are more men with kippahs everywhere.

    Be a jew. Have the Tax code on your side.


  2. Guess what?
    Hashem can direct the jew in his path.

    He may not be a “real” jew to you, but he is a real soul to someone else.

    So give the enemy less ammunition to kill the human experience and just admit you are less of a real social experience.

    Torah is not about fileting your best friend.

    They should wear a kippah, but if they do not cover their head it will be their own detriment.

    G-d is not going away.

    Thanks for being so silly.

  3. Jews in most of Europe do not wear yarmulkes outside of shul. While I have worn my yarmulke in London, Paris, Madrid, and Dublin, only in Paris did I see any other Jews doing so. It is not for me to second-guess them.

  4. Kal Hakavod to David. The US State Department is so 2 faced, its disgusting. They were trying to violate Davids rights to follow his religion. How can the great America led by Eric Holder, violate Davids civil rights? There should be a public apology.


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