New York: Hikind Seeks ‘Special’ Daily Sanitation Pick-Ups For Yeshivos


garbage school yeshivaNew York – Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is asking the Department of Sanitation to grant community yeshivas special daily pick-ups of their garbage. The new routine of sanitation pick-ups for these yeshivas would be similar to what the community public schools already receive.

“This is a quality of life issue,” explained Hikind. “It’s unsanitary and unhealthy to have large quantities of garbage piling up for days. The odor is offensive and the garbage attracts vermin. This is why public schools are extended this courtesy. Given the sheer number of yeshivas in our community and the size of these schools, it’s only fair that the same courtesy be extended to these neighborhood schools.”

Of the nearly 88,000 students who attend yeshiva throughout Brooklyn, more than 61,000 of them are attending yeshivas in Boro Park and Midwood, Hikind explained. That’s more than three times the number of children who attend public schools in the same district.

“We’re not asking for special treatment,” said Hikind, “we’re asking for equal treatment. Special sanitation pick-ups at our yeshivas will be in everyone’s best interests.”

Hikind is also continuing to work with the Department of Sanitation to resolve other issues, including the frustrating traffic situation caused in the morning during rush hour when sanitation collections coincide with school bus pick-ups.

{ Newscenter}


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