Newly Declassified Mossad Files Show Several Failed Attempts To Capture Dr. Mengele


Newly released Mossad files give insight into the efforts the agency went through to capture Dr. Josef Mengele, one of the most reviled perpetrators in the Holocaust, who was nicknamed the “Angel of Death” for his role in deciding which newly rounded up Jews would be sent to the the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

Rafi Eitan, who commanded the audacious capture in 1960 of top Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, said that during the hunt he and his team discovered Mengele’s hideout.

“At the same time as we caught Eichmann, Mengele was living in Buenos Aires. We found his apartment and kept it under observation,” he told Israeli public radio as the spy agency declassified its file on operations against the man the “Angel of Death”.

But the agency decided against trying to capture Mengele for fear it would compromise the Eichmann mission which was already in progress.



Josef Mengele died in a drowning accident in Brazil in 1979.

His death was only confirmed in 1985, after his body was exhumed. Read more at i24NEWS.




  1. Mossad’s failed attempts because finding Yossele Schuchmacher was much higher on the Zionist’s agenda than capturing the Devil Mengele Harasha. The same Zionists who kidnapped and sold thousands of holy Yemenite children and made them into goyim.


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