News About Pollard: A Cautionary Note


pollardJustice4JPnews issued the following statement to

A spate of hastily-written, poorly-researched and deeply inaccurate news reports about the status of Jonathan Pollard which have been published lately do a disservice to Jonathan Pollard and to readers. Judicious readers should be cautious not to allow their understanding of the Pollard case to be tainted by unfounded speculation and utter nonsense.

A case in point: recently, a widely-circulated report by the Israeli online news source YNET was so riddled by gross distortions and outright errors as to be more fantasy than fact.

A dead give-away of how deeply flawed the article was, was YNET’s pompous assertion that Pollard received and is serving ” a 30 year sentence”. Nonsense!

As is well known, Pollard is serving a LIFE SENTENCE! If Pollard were serving a 30 year sentence, mandatory parole would have occurred 10 years ago!

This was just one of many serious errors in a deeply flawed YNET “news” report which unfortunately was imitated and reprinted by others.



  1. The potential “parole” is blackmail to make the frum community shut up and not protest the Iran deal. As has been done before, a trial balloon is floated, and, after the government no longer needs us, the “offer” is withdrawn. It’s not “as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.” It’s “as easy as shooting stupid fish in a barrel.”

  2. “If Pollard were serving a 30 year sentence, mandatory parole would have occurred 10 years ago!”

    The law that applied to Pollard at the time of his provides for automatic parole after 30 years, not 20, for anyone sentenced to an ordinary life sentence. Exceptions would be a prisoner who has not behaved well in prison or who would be likely to continue criminal activity, neither applies to Pollard. Pollard will be released November 21, 2015.

  3. No. 3: At the time of Jonathan’s sentencing, a life sentence had an opportunity of parole after 45 years. Presently, a life sentence has an opportunity of parole after 30 years. That’s what all this excitement is all about. Sadly, at the most recent parole hearing, Jonathan was told that he would not be released, no matter what. As it stands, he must wait another 15 years before he is entitled to parole. He is 61 now, he’ll be 76 in 2030.

  4. J Pollard is Mashiah ben Yosef. He could be miraculously get out from the jail even on Tisha bAv 5775 (it his Hebrew birthday), if majority of the religious Jews will pray for him. Doing this we perform the mitcva Pidyom Shvuim. Obama will never relies him .


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