Newt: Trump’s an ‘Absurd Amateur’


Former House Speaker and Trump supporter Newt Gingrich called the billionaire businessman an “absurd amateur” on Wednesday, and repeated his criticisms of Trump’s attacks on a Mexican-American judge over his heritage. Trump “made a really stupid mistake last week, and it took him about three days to learn,” Gingrich said at the BIO International Convention in San Francisco, the Daily Beast reports. Gingrich is thought to be on Trump’s VP shortlist.

Later in the day, Gingrich pushed back on the reporting of his comments. “I may have said something was an absurd amateur mistake,” Gingrich told CNN. “Any effort to take one or two phrases out of the 90-minute dialogue and say, ‘Gee, Gingrich was anti-Trump,’ is just nonsense.” Read more at STAT News.



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