NJ Bill Would Ban Operation of GPS Devices in Cars


gpsNew Jersey has already taken cell phones and text messaging out of the hands of drivers, and now one legislator hopes to do the same with in-car navigation systems. Democratic State Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith has introduced a bill that would “prohibit the manual operation of a global positioning system (GPS) device or similar navigation device by the operator of a moving motor vehicle”. If passed, the ban would be the first of its kind in the nation.Under the proposed law, drivers would be allowed to only use voice-activated systems to program the devices while a vehicle is in motion. Although this feature is becoming more common, devices that offer it typically cost significantly more than ones that don’t.

For example, according to Garmin’s website, the least expensive automotive GPS system currently sold by the popular brand costs $199, while the cheapest one with voice activation, the Nüvi 855, is priced at $399.

Violators of the law would face the same $100 fine per offence that applies to improper cell phone use.

{FOXNews/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This bill would NOT “ban operation of GPS devices in cars” (where it is needed most). It simply forbids the manual entering of search data (town, address, etc.) while driving, which is indeed distracting to the driver.

    Ask any “frum” driver who is holding and dialing a cell phone with one hand while driving with the other, in flagrant Chilul HaShem mode, while tring to concentrate on both driving and manipulating the cell phone. (I won’t even mention texting.) Often, I see this happening as the driver, with children sometimes in the car, is weaving in traffic without (of course) the use of directional signals. What has shocked me the most, recently, is the frequency of frum WOMEN now doing this. What happened to their bina yeseira? Why are we trying to slow down the coming of Mashiach?

  2. It is simply amazing that in a time financial strees our leader will find ever more means to squeeze more money out of the public.
    Shame on that legislator


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