NJ: Cops Kill Black Man With Hands Up



The Bridgeton, New Jersey police department has released video of a Dec. 30 encounter between two police officers and a black man that shows the officers shooting and killing him as he stands to get out of the car with his hands up in front of him.

The confrontation between the two officers, Braheme Days and Roger Worley, and Jerame Reid, started with a traffic stop but quickly escalated. “Don’t you ——- move!,” Days says while he and Worley draw their weapons. “You’re gonna be ——- dead, you reach for something, you’re gonna be —– dead!” After the cops said they found a gun in the glove compartment, they tell the men to get out.

Reid can be heard yelling “let me out of the —– car” before getting out with his hands in front of his chest.

The officers then opened fire nine times, from behind and in front of Reid, killing him. Days is black, Worley is white, and both have been placed on administrative leave while the police investigate the incident. Read more at South Jersey Times.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Its indisputable that:
    1)the cops found a weapon
    2)Reid is a convicted felon who shot at cops before
    3)he was told to show his hands and not move
    4)he forced his way out of the car right at the cop!
    That’s a pretty good case for the cops being justified in shooting this guy

  2. Horrific video. This looked like an execution by an out-of-control lunatic who was screaming obscenities at the victim. Even the stop was questionable, as the car had come to a rolling stop at the stop sign.

  3. Give us some time. This one is complicated because one of the cops is black. We will “create” “evidence” that it was really THE white cop who is responsible for this, then we can go riot and burn down the town.


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