N.J. Retailers May Start Adding ‘Checkout Fees’ For Credit Card Purchases


credit-cardStarting Sunday, retailers all around New Jersey can start adding a checkout fee of up to 4 percent on your purchases if you use a credit card.

As 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported, many consumers were not happy to hear the news.

Dina from Hackensack was unaware that the new charge was coming.

“I think it’s outrageous,” she said. “Besides the fact that we pay a high percentage for credit cards, to pay an extra 4 percent, I think it’s totally outrageous.”

Tammy from Waldwick calls it cruel.

“And unfortunately, they’re taking advantage of people who don’t have the money, and they’re putting it on their charge cards,” she said. “Especially with all that just happened – Sandy – people don’t have the money, and people are struggling.”

The checkout fee is no longer banned in 40 states, but it is still illegal in New York and Connecticut.

Source: 1010 WINS

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  1. Adding a “checkout fee” to the bill when a credit card is used for payment seems perfectly fair to me. Let us not forget the sometimes exorbitant commission and transaction fees charged to vendors by the credit card companies. Aerican Express is notorious for that.

    It matters not whether the vendor is J C Penney or R’ Yerachmiel’s tiny neighborhood store; the credit card companies will skim off their percentage before paying out.

  2. Lets put things into perspective here. Why should Merchants pay for their customers vactions? Afterall these cards that offer rewards, points and miles, end up costing the merchants close to 4%. I am in the Credit Card processing business and I know who gets the raw end of the deal, its the merchant. So next time you sign up for that reward card, think twice


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