No Chareidim In National Radio


At a stormy Knesset session before the current recess concerning the delay in opening a new public radio corporation, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri demanded to know why no chareidim or Sefardim work for government radio in Israel.

“I am chairman of a Sefardi-chareidi party and represent the people of the periphery, and all these people feel like outsiders when it comes to the Israeli media,” he said. “I represent people who always need to defend and explain themselves to the media. I’m willing to reward anyone who can find a chareidi with a black yarmulke in the general media.”

“There’s not one,” he said, even though there are actually a small number of such people.

“You should just know that chareidi media has dozens of smart, talented journalists, real stars, but there’s no place for even one of them in a public broadcasting corporation, in Channel 2 or Channel 10.”

David Steger – Israel


  1. So it’s time to demand that the new radio station reflect the population of Israel which is majority Sephardic,right-wing and religious and kick out the Ashkenazi Secular Socialist (leftist)Elite that is clearly in the minority and doesn’t represent Israel at all but still has most of the power in the court system Supreme Court,the IDF,the police and the media!


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