No Electricity at Yeshiva Be’er Ya’akov

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beer-yaakovYeshiva Beer Yaakov lies in darkness. The sword of financial cuts that have hit the Torah world has plunged the yeshiva into darkness after mounting bills from the electric company were not paid. The yeshiva, including the bais midrash and dormitory, have been without power since Sunday night.

When the zeman began on Thursday, a generator was used as a power alternative for the yeshiva, but the generator collapsed on Sunday night.

The yeshiva bochurim have been learning in compromised conditions. Due to the scorching heat, some have been traveling to several air-conditioned botei medrash in Beer Yaakov to learn.

Conditions in the dormitory are uncomfortable, as the boys are suffering from the heat and mosquitoes, but they continue learning Torah for all three sedorim with alternative arrangements.

The mashgiach of the yeshiva, Rav Lefkowitz, was mechazeik the bochurim, praising them for learning with hasmadah despite the great difficulty. At the end of the mahgiach‘s shmuess, the bochurim broke out into a dance, singing “Ashrei ha’am shekacha lo” along with their rabbeim.

The yeshiva hanhalah is making every possible effort to pay the debt to the electric company as soon as possible through fundraising.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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  2. Just as an FYI- as an American living in Israel and having had my electricity shut off at 8 PM plunging my house into darkness (with NO prior warning), I called up the Electric Co. and told the I have a bunch of little kids and sad to say, they couldn’t care less. But yes, the PA’s debt is not nearly as important. They r so quick to turn off anyone else’s elec. but not G-d forbid the PA’s! SICK!!!

  3. The yeshiva’s address is Senesh 20 Be’er Yaakov, Israel and the telephone is 08-928-2166. At least that’s how it’s listed in the 2011 phone book. I presume you’d make a check to Yeshivat Be’er Yaakov. Hope this helps. Tizku Lemitzvos.

  4. With all due respect, it’s not our place to point fingers at the electric company. If a customer doesn’t pay, they have the right to shut off the power.

    If you want to help, send money. But don’t point fingers. Unless you own the electric company, you don’t have a say in how they run their business.


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