Nor’easter Threatens Northeast


stormSo this is just what the Northeast needs.

As the region sill reeling from Hurricane Sandy, a new storm is threatening the region on Wednesday, with up to three inches of snow were predicted for Philadelphia with wind gusts of over 30 mph and snowfall of six to 12 inches in southeastern New York and New England.

The coast of New Jersey is expected to experience a storm surge of one to three feet. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has asked police to go to some vulnerable areas and ask residents to evacuate. One weather expert said, “This is a nor’easter. It’s not a massive nor’easter by winter standards, but at this time of year immediately after Sandy’s wrath and destruction, this isn’t what we want.” Read more at NBC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. if hurricane sandy & many other tragedies that are occuring that i read ON MATZAV website, doesn’t wake us up to teshuva & achdus, then we are just causing more tzaros upon us & leave Hashem no choice.

    do you think Hashem likes to cause us pain? hashem loves klal yisroel no matter how bad a nation we become/are Chas v’shalom. but sometimes we leave Hashem no choice

    WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. we can save ourselves now from the future tzros in store for us if we don’t change our ways towards teshuva & return to Hashem & eretz yisroel

    THE CHOICE is ours & only our fault if more tzaros happens chas v’shalom


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