Not a UFO: Fiveish Lands in Lakewood


fiveish1Lakewood, NJ – Multiple Lakewood residents reported sightings of an airborne Fiveish today, generating reactions ranging from fright (“are we being invaded?”) to excitement (“hey it’s Fiveish up there!”). Oorah, home of everyone’s favorite $5 bill, confirmed that more Fiveish sightings are to be expected in the days leading up to the Oorah-thon, which will be held this Motzaei Shabbos.

Families worried that Fiveish has not appeared in front of their homes are asked to sit tight and keep calm, as he will likely be arriving shortly. Meanwhile, readers are invited to send photos of their Fiveish sightings to



  1. Gotta agree with “Really?” On this one. All these marketing schemes don’t make people give MORE tzedaka than they otherwise would. They just give OORAH (and other organizations like them) A bigger piece of a limited pie.


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