Not Anshei Kartofel: Manhattan Shul Faces Eviction


manhattans-16th-street-synagogueManhattan’s 16th Street Synagogue is facing eviction this week, Tablet magazine has reported.

According to the report, the National Council of Young Israel sold its headquarters on West 16th Street in Manhattan to a real estate developer about a decade ago with the hopes that the two shuls occupying the first two floors would get permanent rights over their respective homes.

But after the partnership between the developers fell into a bitter dispute, one of the congregations found a new home. The other shul stayed put, only to have eviction notices taped to its doors recently.

A New York State Supreme Court judge denied the shul’s motion for a stay, Tablet reported, and sheriffs told shul officials that they would arrive on January 8 to evict them.

“We are not leaving,” shul president Richard McBee told Tablet. “People are talking about sitting in front of the shul and linking arms if we have to. We are resisting.”

McBee sees the situation as a broken promise on the part of the building’s new owner, Jack Braha, to guarantee the shul’s continued occupancy. Neither Braha nor his lawyer responded immediately to telephone messages from Tablet magazine.

“I said to myself from the beginning that there’s no way a synagogue in New York City is going to be evicted,” McBee said. “This is our home and it’s worth fighting for.”

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  1. Before anyone screams about the courts being anti-frum, be aware that the judge on this case, aside from being an excellent, well respected judge, is frum himself and definately understands the complexities and demographics of the issues at hande.

  2. Anon-the Judge on this case is NOT Jewish. The Jewish judge (Judge Shuman) stepped in to cover for the actual judge when she was on vacation. He granted the stay of eviction (which she reversed when she returned). This is a tragic case.


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