NRA Blasts Bloomberg: Our Freedoms Not For Sale


nra-ceo-wayne-lapierreNational Rifle Association Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre will debut a short video with a message for former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his new $50 million gun-control push during the NRA-ILA leadership forum on Friday at the 2014 NRA convention.

That message? “Bloomberg is one guy with millions. We’re millions with our 25 bucks. Let’s see who crushes who.”

The group has also set up a website with a similar message.

The video is part of a membership push at the convention, which is expected to draw about 80,000 people.

LaPierre introduced the video by calling it the group’s “response” to Bloomberg. Raucous applause followed the clip.

“Together, we will stand as members of the NRA and we will stand and fight to take back our country!” he said before asking the audience to stand and another round of applause broke out.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Why does it seem that the NRA is using the same logic and acumen that the Iranians use to dispel the logic that there is another force in the world that is not going to let them get their way.

    I guess when you realize your “freedoms” to conceal your own favor are threatened and you are complicit in your own foretelling of lapsed integrity and freedom yourself, you fire away as fast as you can at the “new kid on the block” who opposes many of your construct and design.

    I may indeed think that the 2nd Amendment is right for America. I do indeed, but I believe in protected speech and Mr. Bloomberg has his right to spend as he does and work for his choice of a better culture in a land where we believe that the First Amendment comes before the Second Amendment.

    So good job Mr. Bloomberg. I think you are on the future’s payroll on this item.

    Never Again

  2. Anon – not sure you made any clear point, but the the NRA does what it can to protect a very unique and important tenet of American freedom.
    You end your comment with, “Never Again”. Well, a strong component of keeping another genocide at bay is the popular acceptance of individuals bearing arms.


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